Marion B. Lobstein

Associate Professor, NVCC—Manassas; Adjunct Professor, Blandy Experimental Farm

Text Box: Book on Local Wildflowers
An Important Resource for finding wildflowers in the DC-Northern Virginia—Maryland area!

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This 1995 Johns Hopkins University Press book by Cris Fleming, Marion Lobstein, and Barbar Tuffy is a classic guide to locations, habitats and blooming periods of common to rare wildflowers of the Mid-Atlantic area.  The first part of this book contains information on the geology, climate, and habitats of our area—all factors tat determine what wildflowers can be found in specific areas.  The second part gives information, key wildflower species highlights and directions, along with contact info, for 122 parks, preserves, and other natural areas within a 100 mile range of Washington DC and Baltimore MD.

Finding rare Virginia Bluebells made easy!

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