Marion B. Lobstein

Associate Professor, NVCC—Manassas; Adjunct Professor, Blandy Experimental Farm

The Flora of Virginia Project

Marion Blois Lobstein

Associate Professor of Biology, NVCC-Manassas 
Adjunct Professor, Blandy Experimental Farm                  

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The Flora of Virginia Project Draft

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Virginia has the greatest diversity of vascular plant species for its landmass but does not have a modern flora or plant identification.  The Foundation of the Flora of Virginia Project, Inc. (FFVP) has been established to develop such a manual.  Please visit the website for the FFVP to find out more about this historic Project.  

                 Information on reasons for the diversity of Virginia’s flora, history of botanical exploration in Virginia, and other background on the Flora of Virginia Project is posted below.  Please check this website for  updates and additions.


To learn more about the reasons for diversity of Virginia’s flora and the need for a modern flora, visit this website:


To learn more about the history of colonial exploration and the exchange of plants between the New and Old Worlds visit this website: